Surron Light Bee X


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Surron Light Bee X For Sale | Surron Light Bee X 2023

Let the Surron Light Bee X Electric Dirt Bike’s electrifying power loose! It’s even better now in 2023, with huge improvements to the battery capacity, suspension, and brakes. The well-known Sur-Ron electric motorcycle brand is also sold and partnered with Su-ron Electric Bikes. Get ready to ride like lightning with our newest 2023 models, which are now in stock!

Since its impressive debut in 2016, the Surron Light Bee X Dirt Bike has gained a reputation for being very dangerous, even more so than regular gasoline bikes. This worldwide sensation is a force to be reckoned with. It rules the trails and thrills riders with its 6KW Output Mid Motor, which releases a tornado of power! You can speed through sand, hills, dirt, grass, and other surfaces with ease and skill.

The Surron Light Bee X is the best off-road companion because it has Upgraded 4 Piston Brakes for superior stopping power, a Removable and Swappable Premium 40AH Battery for endless fun, and an aluminum frame that is both light and strong and won’t rust. With the 10A Fast Charger that comes with your bike, you can charge it up in no time. This lets you ride longer and harder as you speed through the wilderness.

Note that this exciting machine can only be used off-road; it’s not like most bikes that can be used on the street. Don’t worry—the Surron Light Bee is a great ride for adventurers of almost all ages, whether you love the outdoors, like to break new trails, are a farmer, or like to work out on the weekends.

2023 Light Bee Key Points

  • NEW 40AH Lithium Battery for relentless energy
  • 20% Range Increase, cruising up to 75km @ 40km/h
  • Massive 6KW Power Output for unmatched thrills
  • Top Speed reaching an exhilarating 75km/h, unleashing the beast within!

Surron Light Bee X

Technical Specifications: Sur Ron Light Bee X Specs



  • Range LBX 75km (Cruising @40km/h)
  • Range L1E 55km (Cruising @40km/h)
  • Top Speed 75km/h (L1E can be limited to 50km/h for Moped Registration)


  • Premium Lithium LBX 60V / 2,400Wh / 40AH cells. The battery is detachable and can be charged either in the bike or separately.
  • Panasonic L1E 60V / 2,040Wh 34AH Lithium cells. The battery is detachable and can be charged either in the bike or separately.


  • Mode 1 Eco mode: The ultimate mode energy conservation exploration
  • Mode 2 Sport mode: Maximum torque and speed


  • Hill Ability Up to 80% Inclines
  • Horn Included
  • USB Port Included
  • Water Rating IP55
  • Lights LBX Front LED & Rear Tail Light (Always On – No Off Switch)
  • Lights L1E Front LED, Rear Brake/Tail, Indicators & Number Plate
  • Steering Lock – Yes L1E Models Only
  • Fenders Rear Only (Attached to Seat)
  • Warranty 1 Year


  • Front and Rear Bilateral 4-piston hydraulic disc, 203mm with Electric Regenerative Braking


  • 3-4hrs with 10A Fast Charging


  • LCD Multi-Function (ODO, Trip, Battery, Speed, Top Speed etc)


  • FOC Sine Wave X Controller


  • Electric Motor BLDC Mid Motor
  • Transmission Belt & Chain – Ratio 1: 7.6
  • Rated Power 3 kW
  • Peak Power 6 kW
  • Max Torque 250 N·m
  • Throttle Fly by Wire Twist


  • Frame 6061 T4 & T6 Forged Aluminium Frame
  • Handlebars 6061 aluminium, 780mm length


  • Front KKE or Fastace Upside Down Fork Hydraulic Absorber with 200mm travel
  • Rear KKE or Fastace Adjustable with Intersect TR, 87mm travel


  • Rims F&R 19×1.4″ Aluminium Spoke Wheels
  • Tyres F&R 70/100-19 CST off-road mud tyre


  • Overall 1,860 x 780 x 1,050mm
  • Seat Height 830mm
  • Ground Clearance 270mm
  • Wheel Base 1,255mm


  • N.W of Complete Bike 45 kg
  • Max Loading 100 kg


  • 1x Bike, 10A Fast Charger, Front Number Plate, 2 Keys, and Manual (Fenders, Chain Guards, and other accessories are not included).

*Disclaimer – Range achievable varies on ride conditions, loading, motor use and many other factors. Range Calculations should be used as a guide only and are based off consistent travel at low speed in ideal conditions.

Battery Lithium Removable: Surron Light Bee X Battery

Use the Surron Light Bee X’s massive 40AH Lithium Battery to propel you on adventures with an impressive cruising range of up to 75km, ensuring an exhilarating 3-5 hours of continuous riding. With this high-capacity battery, you can enjoy the freedom and excitement of longer journeys to the fullest!

6000w High Performance Motor: Surron Light Bee X Top Speed

Surron Light Bee X’s High-Performance Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor serves as the powerful “heart” of Light Bee models. Experience its incredible strength and efficiency, which is complemented by an effective electronic braking function for added control and safety. This motor is IP55 rated and made of high-quality materials, so it can withstand temperatures of up to 180°C, ensuring reliability and performance even in extreme conditions.


With our specially designed forged frame, you will experience the ultimate fusion of strength and agility. This frame’s high-strength structure and sporty ergonomic design ensure an exhilarating ride, taking your ride to new heights. It is meticulously forged with 6000 tons of precision, striking the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility, delivering unrivaled performance and handling for an unforgettable road trip.


Surron Light Bee X’s multi-curve compound algorithm program has been meticulously developed and fine-tuned to optimize your riding experience. This advanced system adapts to your unique riding habits by continuously monitoring the handlebar opening speed, motor torque, and current intensity in real-time, ensuring a seamless and personalized ride like never before.

8+ Years Of Top-notch Engineering : Sur Ron Light Bee X For Sale

Surron Light Bee X’s dedication to research and development has produced a line of electric dirt bikes that is unmatched and praised all over the world. Even though Surron Light Bee X is very popular, it is still easy to get, which makes it stand out from other brands. Check out the worldwide hit for yourself and see for yourself why their electric dirt bikes are so special.

Surron Light Bee X

Sur-Ron Light Bee X For Sale

If you’re looking for a versatile and powerful off-road electric bike, the Sur Ron Light Bee X is the perfect choice for you. And the great news is, it’s currently available for sale. With the 2022 and 2023 models now on the market, you have the opportunity to own the latestAre you looking for a Sur Ron Light Bee X for sale? Look no further because we have the best deals available for you.

The 2022 Sur-Ron Light Bee X is an exceptional electric bike that offers superior performance and thrilling riding experience. With its powerful motor and advanced features, this bike is perfect for off-road adventures orLooking for the best deals on a Sur Ron Light Bee X for sale? Look no further!

We are proud to offer the 2022 Sur-Ron Light Bee X, the ultimate electric bike for off-road enthusiasts. With its powerful motor and advanced features, this bike is perfect for tackling any terrain.

2022 Sur-Ron Light Bee x

The 2022 Sur-Ron Light Bee X is the latest model in the Light Bee series, and it does not disappoint. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, this bike is sure to turn heads. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, the Light Bee X is perfect for riders of all skill levels.

If you’re interested in purchasing the 2022 Sur-Ron Light Bee X, we have it available for sale. Our prices are competitive, and we offer a hassle-free buying experience. If you’re in search of a Sur Ron Light Bee X for sale, you’ve come to the right place. We offer the latest 2022 Sur-Ron Light Bee X model, as well as the upcoming 2023 Sur Ron Light Bee X. With its impressive specs and powerful performance, the Sur Ron Light Bee X is a top choice for electric bike enthusiasts.

The Sur Ron Light Bee X is designed to deliver an exhilarating off-road experience. Its sturdy construction and powerful 72V motor make it ready to tackle any terrain with ease. The Sur Ron Light Bee X comes with a high-quality battery that provides long-lasting power, ensuring you can ride for extended periods without worrying about running out of juice.

Sur-Ron Light Bee X Price: Surron Light Bee x 2023

When it comes to price, the Sur-Ron Light Bee X offers exceptional value for money. With its top-notch features and competitive pricing, this electric bike is a great investment for those seeking adventure on two wheels. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced rider, the Sur Ron Light Bee X will not disappoint.

When comparing the Sur Ron Light Bee S vs X, you’ll find that the X model offers some additional features and performance upgrades. The Sur Ron Light Bee X comes with an upgraded battery system and improved specs, giving it an edge over the S model. If you’re looking for maximum power and performance, the Sur Ron Light Bee X is the way to go.

If you’re interested in a used Sur Ron Light Bee X, we occasionally have pre-owned models available as well. These bikes are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure their quality and performance. Purchasing a used Sur Ron Light Bee X can be a cost-effective way to own this amazing electric bike.

Whether you’re searching for a brand new 2022 Sur Ron Light Bee X, an upcoming 2023 model, or a used option, our dealership is here to assist you. Browse our inventory and find the Sur Ron Light Bee X that fits your needs and budget. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this extraordinary Surron Light Bee X electric bike.

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